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Clutch Replacement

Clutch Right provides a FREE clutch inspection service.

Drop in and our mechanics will inspect your vehicle, explain the cause of the problem and provide you with a quotation.




Clutch Right prides itself on servicing all makes of cars in line with the manufactures guidelines so you have that dealership peace of mind with the cost saving only independent garages can offer.


Engine Management Light comes on?

Concerned as to why?

With our recent investments in diagnostic equipment we can offer a £25 code read service.

We will read the error codes recorded by your car, let you know what they are and attempt to clear the Engine Management Light, in most cases if the light will come back on as soon as the car detects the problem again which can be any time from minutes to weeks.


MOT Work

Clutch Right is not an MOT center but we will inspect the car for any problems before an MOT test, arrange the test at one of our partners and quote for any repairs required after the MOT. Giving you the peace of mind and giving your car the best chance of passing its MOT first time.


Brake Inspection

The free brake inspection gives a clear indication of the condition of your vehicle’s brakes.


Cam Belts

Have you heard horror stories of engines being damaged when there cam belt breaks?

Unfortunately this sometimes happens, we are always happy to quote to replace a Cam Belt.

We always supply high quality replacement Cam Belts but it is always important to follow the manufactures replacement schedule.


General repairs

Clutch Right is always happy to quote on general mechanical or electrical repairs on all makes of cars.